David Farrer

"[British artist David Farrer is best known for] his wonderful and varied menagerie of extraordinary creatures; his amazing and unique papier mache trophy heads have delighted audiences everywhere and won him international acclaim. ‘My favoured subject matter is ecological, having a strong interest in ‘green’ issues. My work reflects this. The recycled head concept came about in 1995 while working in South Africa. Over the years I have travelled extensively in this part of the world and never cease to be amazed by its beauty and abundant wildlife… There are admirable wildlife protection policies in operation, yet hunting and specifically trophy gathering remains big business too. I decided to bridge the gap by producing a ‘recycled trophy’ that would satisfy the urge to hang an animal head on the wall but promote pro-ecological thought… Although the idea was born in Africa I have diversified into European and North American beasts, which to some sections of the public have more familiar appeal,’ (David Farrer 2001). There is also a cheeky playfulness to David’s work.....the anthropomorphism of his creatures fills them with character and invites us to relate to them as equals. Even the trophy heads, a direct result of hunting, when the genuine article are here gently animated with personality and thus very much alive. These happy, environmentally friendly sculptures appear at first, a light-hearted alternative to the real thing, but it is also a vehicle for a stronger and more serious message. David’s work focuses on the recyclable and the sustainable conveying his key concerns for conservation and ecology while celebrating a deep love of wildlife and the countryside." - David Farrer Sculpture

Fox & Fag

Fox & Fag, 2018, wire, plaster bandage, papier-mâché, horse hair, 22 x 18 x 18"


Mole, 2019, wire, plaster bandage,wire, plaster bandage, papier-mâché, horse hair, 12 3/4 x 9 1/2 x 12 3/4"