Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Inc.

FOTOFEST 2014: Kathryn Dunlevie, Julie Brook Alexander

Kelly and Kyle Phelps

In observance of FotoFest 2014, Hooks-Epstein Galleries will present work by Kathryn Dunlevie and Julie Brook Alexander. The exhibitions will open Saturday, March 22, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. A reception for the artists will follow from 6pm-8pm.

Kathryn Dunlevie collages everyday, familiar images and transforms them into compositions that hint at invisible, underlying structures and imperceptible extra dimensions. The work in her current exhibition, Detectives of Fiction and Women of Mystery, reflects the current ubiquity of photographic images. Dunlevie combines her own photographs with imagery from the Internet, advertising, social media, cellphone cameras, art history, record album covers, etc. Dunlevie states, “I am creating compositions that reflect the vibrant excesses and unexpected juxtapositions of today’s visual culture.”

In parables, perspectives, and epiphanies, Julie Brook Alexander presents two images and invites the viewer to participate in completing the scene. She unites two images, creating settings imbued with visual energy and symbolic meaning. Complex evaluations of tone, form, perspective, and narrative guide the evolution of each piece. The title, parables, perspectives, and epiphanies, signals the path for discovering meanings. Alexander states, “When I see light playing across colors, or shapes creating patterns, I imagine connecting these experiences to other times and other places.”

Detectives of Fiction and Women of Mystery and parables, perspectives, and epiphanies will continue through April 26, 2014.

For more images, please visit the full exhibition.