Rules of Order

Exhibition Dates: 
Saturday, December 1, 2007 to Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale, 2007, wood construction with drawer, grasshopper, plaster hand, millinery net, seed pods, mirror, collage, Tower of Babel print,, plastic tube, leather case, brass handle, 28 x 20 x 12"

Azazel's Wife

Azazel's Wife, 2007, wood construction, canvas head, headphones, chain, photo, leather mask, map pins, vials, metal parts, croquet ball, insect, number card, farm implement, curtain tie, glass, 26 x 9 x 9"

Homage to Muybridge

Homage to Muybridge, 2006, bell jar, finial, gauge, insect, glass jar, transparency, metal lid, brass bowl, croquet ball, carpart, leather casing, 28 x 10 x 10"


Joshua, 2007, canvas head, chain, fan housing, leather belt, goggles, dice, bell, alligator purse, armadillo carapace, cloth tape, 22 x 11 x 11"

Tensorian Field Cabinet

Tensorian Field Cabinet, 2007, wood construction, glass, croquet ball, dice, violin string label, glass jars, found letters, slide rules, digital print, transparency, light bulbs, hydrometer, book illustration and print pages, 36 x 20 x 13"

The Burrow

The Burrow, 2006, assemblage, 13 x 14 x 13"

The Metatron

The Metatron, 2007, wood construction, cloth head, devil claws, map pins, vial, metal holder chain, goggles, skull, brass ash tray, armadillo shell, photo, wood parts, 24 x 19 x 8"

Sold Inventory

Baculum for a Dead Man

Baculum for a Dead Man, 2007, box, digital collage, baculum, print, acrylic, glass, 5 x 9 x 1"

Compliments of the Season

Compliments of the Season, 2007, wood box, lens, dice, vials, cork, darts, watch, paper, glass, 6 x 10 x 1 1/2"

Little Museum for Emily D

Little Museum for Emily D, 2007, wood construction, glass, vials, lace, books, net, seahorses, butterfly prints, feathers, hair, lens, twigs, gauge, 14 x 8 x 8"

Lot's Wife

Lot's Wife, 2007, wood construction, devil's claws, veterinarian syringes, salt, bible pages, doll's eye, rattlesnake rattles, bottle, cork, pin box, figure, net, glass, azimuth and altitude chart, 37 x 16 x 9"

Natural History

Natural History, 2006, assemblage, 34 x 14 x 11"
Natural History, 2006, assemblage, 34 x 14 x 11"

Rules of Order

Rules of Order, 2007, box, darts, transparency, glass, book text, hydrometer, vilas, cork, oil, fish tooth, digital collage, 8 x 10 x 1"

What is our Life?

What is our Life?, 2007, box, collage, digital print, lens, transparency, art print, calendar, 8 x 7 x 1"