Unnatural Order

In her exhibition, Unnatural Order, Desira Garcia’s paintings explore the lost connection between the individuals of today’s society with each other as well as with the natural world. Many have come to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings through filtered pictures on their phones more than through genuine encounters. Likewise, many relationships today are measured by the instant gratification people feel from the number of shares and “likes” on social media. “There is a veil of truth between us… we only know each other by what we choose to expose… [rather than] through longtime real exposure to one another,” states Garcia. In Unnatural Order, the patterns of lines and colors are symbolic of the digital language, which disrupt the organic forms depicting cells, veins, and metamorphic phases that are representative of the formation of larger living organisms. As Garcia explores this interaction in her work, she asks, “How will this alter us in the future? Will this eventually interrupt the natural order of things?”Desira Garcia earned an A.A.S. in Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Houston and received her B.F.A. in Painting and Fine Art at the University of Houston. She has been in several solo and group exhibitions including most recently, the For the Sake of Art exhibition at the University Museum at Texas Southern University in 2016.

Exhibition Dates: 
Saturday, April 8, 2017 to Saturday, May 13, 2017

Denizens of the Deep

Denizens of the Deep, 2017, acrylic paint, acrylic markers, archival inks on canvas, 48 x 36"

Desira Garcia, "...

Desira Garcia, "Reflection Pool", 2017, acrylic paint, acrylic markers, archival inks on canson paper, i.s. 19 1/2 x 25 1/2" / f.s. 22 1/2 x 30 1/8"

Sold Inventory


Evolution, 2017, acrylic markers, archival inks on canson paper, i.s. 25 1/2 x 19 3/4 / f.s. 31 x 25 1/8"