Kyle Young

1966 Port Arthur, Texas
1984-90 Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, B.F.A.
Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, Post-Baccalaureate Study
1998 Visual Arts Fellowship, Edward F. Albee Foundation,
The William Flanagan Memorial Creative Persons Center, Montauk, NY
2002 Recent Paintings and Drawings, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
2001 Coffee & Cigarettes, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
1999 White, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
1997 Genos to Poros 1995-1997, Galveston Art Center, Galveston
1996 Poros, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
1995 Genos Vita, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
1994 Recent Works, Texas Artists Museum, Port Arthur, TX
1991 Bridled Tendencies, John Gray Library, Beaumont
2004 Composite Construction, Travis Tower, Houston
Recent Acquisitions, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Abstract Concepts, The Art Center, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX
2003 Miniatures, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
The Potent Line, Transco Tower, Houston: curator Sally Sprout
Works by Kyle Young and Michael Kennaugh, Travis Tower, Houston
2002 Round I, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
2001 The Box, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
1999 Six, Kouros Gallery, New York City: curator Paul Manes
1998 The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX: curator Claudia Gould
The Figure and the Chair, Hooks-Epstein Galleries
1997 Dishman Competition, Dishman Art Gallery, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX: curator Sally Sprout
Figuring the Body, Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Classically Inspired, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
1996 Intimate, Barbara Davis Gallery, Pennzoil Building, Houston
Summer Sampler: Three Galleries, Transco Tower, Houston: curator Sally Sprout
Proof of Love, Lynn Goode Gallery to benefit DIFFA/Houston: curator Alison deLima Greene, curator MFA-Houston
New Beginnings, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
Artes Sagrados, Invitational, Concordia University, Austin
1995 John Sager/Kyle Young, Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX
1994 The Heights Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition, Lambert Hall, Houston
The Box, Invitational, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
Miniatures, Invitational, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
1993 Day of the Dead, Lawndale Art and Performance Center, Houston
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Mr. Rick Ankrom/Mr. Jay Hooker, Houston
Mr. Steven Antonich, San Francisco
D. Baber, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bender, Houston
Mr. John Andrew Berry, Houston
Mr .and Mrs. David Bills, Houston
Ms. Antoinette Calvert, Houston
Ms. Carol Carnes/Mr. Bruce Smith, El Paso
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Clark, Houston
Comsys Corporation, Houston
Mr. John Crew/Mr. Gil Rome, Houston
Mr. Robert Dandino, St. Louis
Ms. Lisa Davis, Austin, TX
Janice and R. Eric Davis, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickemper, San Antonio
Dishman Art Gallery, Beaumont, TX
Dr. Gunther & Mag. Sylvie Dobrovits, Vienna, Austria
Duke Energy, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Frede, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. David Gerger, Houston
Ms. Karen Grieb, Houston
Dr. and Mrs. Sol Hamburg, Houston
Mr. Robert Hebert, Beaumont, TX
Ms. Catherine Sian Hill, Phoenix
Dr. and Mrs. James Hill, Springfield, MO
Mr. Jimmy Hoffpauir, Port Arthur, TX
Mrs. Geri Hooks, Houston, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Lowrey Jones, Ft. Walton Beach
Mr. Evan Katz, Houston
Mr. Michael Kennaugh, Houston
Ms. Lynn Lasher, Houston
Mr. Kirk LeMaire, Pittsburgh
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Levin, Dan Point, CA
Mr. Rick Lewis, East Hampton, NY
Dr. Lynne Lokensgard, Beaumont, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Loos, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madden, Beaumont, TX
Mr. Pat Marcyniuk, Austin, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Modica, Jr., Beaumont, TX
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Monroe, Port Arthur, TX
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Parker, Beaumont, TX
Mrs. Barbara Paull, Houston
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Mr. Alan Reeder, Beaumont, TX
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Ms. Mary K. Rix, Brownsville, TX
The Stedman Bldg., Beaumont, TX
Mr. Barnabus Strickland, San Francisco
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Thompson, Dallas
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Mr. Jerry Williams, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Zimmerman, Houston