Julie Brook Alexander, Texas
photography-based work interpreting color, light, and movement

Alex Gabriel Bernstein, North Carolina
cuts and fuses glass to steel

Robert Burch, Washington
hot sculpted glass

Gregory Michael Carter, Texas
mixed media on paper

Jose Chardiet, Rhode Island
hot blows, sandsculpts, casts glass

Kathryn Dunlevie, California
mixed media photography, re-interpretation of the urban landscape

Teresa Dunn, Michigan
oil on canvas, narrative, figurative and representational

Yrjo Edelmann, Sweden
oil on canvas, photo-realistic with tromp l'oeil applique

Jorge Elizondo, Mexico
marble and steel sculpture, sensual and suggestively figurative

Jim Falick, Texas
photography, finding unusual twists from scenes of daily
world life

Scott Gordon, California
mixed media on paper

Mayuko Ono Gray, Texas
charcoal drawings, ink drawings

Leamon Green, Texas
charcoal, acrylic and silkscreens

Mark Greenwalt, Texas
oil, acrylic, graphite on panel, surrealistic

Pang-Chieh Hsu, Georgia
oil on canvas, photo-realistic with tromp l'oeil applique

Ann Johnson, Texas
mixed media; intaglio, found objects

Richard Jolley, Tennessee
hot sculpts glass

Kurt Kemp, California
printmaker & draftsman, surreal, provoking narrative compositions

Vlad Krasnoschok and Olga Starostina , Ukraine and Russia
mixed media

Judith La Scola, Washington
paints, blows, etches, sand carves glass

Marvin Lipofsky, California
blown glass

Edward Lane McCartney, Texas
assemblage, collage, paper constructions, mixed media and sculpture

James Mathison, Venezuela

Bernard Mattox, Louisiana
mixed media and oil on panel

Anna Mavromatis, Texas
mixed media; monotypes, book structures

Stephanie Mercado, California
acrylic and gouache paintings on canvas and paper and drypoint and serigraph prints

Lorena Morales, Texas
mixed media : spray enamel on plexiglas

Rahul Mitra, Texas
drawings on handmade paper; painted box constructions

Richard Neidhardt, Texas
bronze/wood sculpture, figurative, situationally comedic

Kermit Oliver, Texas
acrylic on paper or panel, figurative w/ symbolism from Old & New Testament, Greek and Roman mythology

Jacqueline Dee Parker, Louisiana
mixed media collage works on paper and canvas

David Patchen, California
handblown glass

Martin Payton, Louisiana

Kelly and Kyle Phelps, Ohio
ceramic and mixed media

Kari Russell-Pool, Connecticut
blown & lampworked glass

Stephen Rolfe Powell, Kentucky
blown glass

Robert Pruitt, Texas
charcoal, conte, mixed media

Doug Randall, Oregon
kiln cast and drop formed mosaic glass

Ross Richmond, Washington
blown & hot sculpted glass

David Robinson, Canada

Marlene Rose, Florida
sandcast glass

Kari Russell-Pool, Connecticut
blown, lampwork

Christopher St. Leger, Texas
oil on panel, watercolor

John Mark Sager, Texas
assemblage, composing found objects into complete forms

Lauren Salazar, Texas
handwoven cottolin, woven installations and sculptures

Ward Sanders, Texas
assemblage, composing found objects into complete forms

Paul Schwieder, Sweden
handblown and sandblasted glass

Eric Sealine, Massachusetts
three-dimensional paintings

Masaru Takiguchi, Texas
stone or wood sculpture, elegant, refined forms w/tactile surfaces

Ben Woitena, Texas
stainless and painted steel , marble and granite sculptures

Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen (with Jasen Johnsen), Washington
blown, off-hand sculpted glass

Hiroshi Yamano, Japan
blown glass, etched silverleaf, copper overlay

Toots Zynsky, Rhode Island
Filet-de-Verre (fused and thermal color glass threads)

Secondary Market
Featuring Leonard Baskin, Yrjo Edelmann, Byron Galvez, Rene Magritte, Carlos Merida, Edvard Munch